Indirect Contact Laser Lenses

Brand: Volk – USA

Supper Quad 160

Product code: VSQUAD160

Experience wide field, distortion-free visualization of the retina from the nerve head and macula, up to the ora serrata, designed for detection and treatment of retinal abnormalities like peripheral retinal tears, peripheral retinal detachments, giant retinal tears etc. The 30 mm lens surface offers a large, clear image of the retina for accurate and easy placement of the laser spot. The contact surface is designed carefully to provide optimum stability on the patient’s cornea while ensuring patient comfort.

  • Wide-field distortion free viewing
  • Ideal for detecting and treating mid to far-peripheral retinal abnormalities
  • Large lens surface area providing a large working area
  • Available in: Flanged contact, no Flange contact design

H-R Wide Field

Product code: VHRWF

A part of our H-R series of laser lenses, the H-R wide field provides the widest field of view spanning the retinal from the posterior pole all the way out to the ora serrata. This lens is perfect for diagnosis and treatment of peripheral and far peripheral retinal defects such as peripheral retinal tears and retinal detachments. The small lens body with an 24.8 mm lens ring and 21.7 mm lens height makes it a nimble lens, leaving the doctor ample space between the patient’s eye and the laser for focusing and manipulation. Despite the smaller lens size, the contact surface is designed carefully to provide optimum stability on the patient’s cornea while ensuring patient comfort. The optical design of the H-R series provides bright, high resolution views that are distortion free even at the periphery.

  • Wide-field distortion free viewing of the retina
  • Perfect for diagnosis and treatment of mid-far peripheral retinal defects
  • H-R series of lenses: Made with higher grade eliminates chromatic aberrations resulting in bright, High-Resolution imaging
  • Small lens body allows easier manipulation


Product code: With Flange: VQFL / No Flange: VQFLNF / ANF+ Flange: VQFLANF+

With a 144° field of view, this lens enables wide field visualization up to the peripheral retina for diagnosis and treatment of peripheral retinal defects. This lens is specially designed to provide wide field visualization even through small pupils. This application is critical when evaluating and treating patients such as those at risk of angle closure, neovascularization of the iris etc. in whom dilation should be avoided. The small pupil capability is also advantageous when treating geriatric populations in whom pupil response to dilation is limited. The large flange on this lens provides the perfect stability and control over the eye needed during laser procedures

  • Wide-field distortion free viewing of the retina
  • Small-pupil capability
  • Ideal for detecting and treating mid to peripheral retinal abnormalities
  • Available in Flange, no Flange and ANF+ contact options

Area Centralis

Product code: With Flange: VAC / No Flange: VACNF / ANF+ Flange: VACANF+

The Area centralis is designed with a 1.06x magnification to provide high detail, magnified views of the posterior pole. This lens is ideal for grid/focal laser procedures of the central retina for treating microaneurysms and edema in conditions such as diabetic retinopathy.

  • High magnification for detailed examination of the posterior pole
  • Available in flange, no flange and ANF+ contact options
  • Ideal for focal/grid laser therapy

Super Macula 2.2

Product code: VSMAC2.2

With the highest magnification in the retina laser lens range, this lens provides excellent detail and distortion free imaging for critical examination of the optic nerve head and macular pathologies. The flange is designed to provide optimum stability and control on the cornea needed to manipulate and stabilize the tall lens body. The lens body is ideal when treating patients with deep eye sockets.

  • Highest magnification contact lens available
  • Ideal for focal/grid laser therapy
  • High detail posterior pole examination and treatment


Product code: With Flange: VTE / No Flange: VTENF / ANF+ Flange: VTEANF+

The TransEquator is a perfect choice for treating retinal abnormalities in the mid-peripheral to the central retinal region, similar to the Rodenstock Pan Fundus lens. This field of view allows visualization of those defects which are neither too peripheral nor central and lie mid-way to the periphery. The 0.70x magnification enables high detail examination and visualization of the retina for precise and accurate laser spot placement.  Thus, this lens makes for a great combination lens whether you are performing PRP laser treatments or centrally targeted grid laser treatments.

  • Field of View up to the mid-peripheral retina
  • Ideal for both PRP and grid laser treatments
  • Visualize and treat mid-peripheral retinal tears, holes as well as central retinal defects
  • Available in Flange, no Flange and ANF+ contact options

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